Posted by seekprogress | 01 02 2017| Recovery

Let’s talk recovery. Seriously, how much effort do you actually put into your recovery? Sure the fun is had on the mat. It’s where the progress is made, the will is tested, relationships are forged, and the stress of your day is smashed. It’s why we pay those hefty monthly dues, sacrifice the happy hours...

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Posted by seekprogress | 12 27 2016| Flexibility

-Written by Will Safford C.S.C.S Even with all of the latest research some people are still stretching (statically) before BJJ class. Static stretching, or holding a stretch for a period of time, was previously thought to warm-up muscles and prepare the body for athletics. Now, research has found that static stretching before sports may actually...

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Posted by seekprogress | 12 27 2016| Exercises

Written by Will Safford – C.S.C.S The Turkish get up is a technical move that is worth mastering for any BJJ player. If you’ve never heard of the TGU, it’s a full body exercise that requires you to rise from a lying position to a standing position, all while holding a weight overhead. In most...

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